About us

About us

The need for trained specialists in the technical sector remains. The labor market is continuously liberalizing and internationalizing due to the open borders of the EU. This dynamic makes it possible to work with German skilled personnel to bridge the shortage in the Netherlands. PeBa mediates in technical personnel for various markets. We serve the market efficiently from our office in Germany and the Netherlands.

Our extensive expertise in various industries and our innovative character make PeBa Personeelsdiensten a discussion partner who only needs half a word.

PeBa Personeelsdiensten is affiliated with the ABU, the trade association for temporary employment agencies, VCU certified (VCA for temporary employment agencies) and is tested annually by the SFT (Financial Assessment Foundation) for compliance with payment obligations.

PeBa Personeelsdiensten is your partner in craftsmanship.


The open borders of the EU will further liberalize and internationalize the labor market. This gives the European labor market a dynamic in which PeBa plays a leading role. Our success and our distinctive qualities are based on core concepts that are deeply rooted in our organization: reliability, quality, innovation and respect. This is reflected in a high degree of friendliness and expertise.

We provide you with the “tools” to help you achieve your goals.