PeBa Personnel Services is a member of the General Union for Temporary Employment Agencies (GUTEA). You will not run any risks with a GUTEA-approved agency. We are periodically screened by an independent institute. There are strict controls where the specific application of the CLA is concerned, as well as the quality of the administrative processes, the timely payment of social contributions and taxes and sound business operations.

Companies which opt for a GUTEA-approved agency will enjoy the convenience of the temporary employment formula without the risk of additional assessments and fines.

NEN 4400-1 certificate

PeBa Personnel Services is in possession of the NEN 4400-1 certificate. This is the Labour Standards Foundation (LSF) standard. The certificate serves as proof that we deal with our administration in the right way and that we correctly pay our taxes and social insurance contributions.

HCE certificate

HCE stands for the Health, Safety and Environmental Checklist for Employment and Secondment Agencies. The certificate is intended for employment agencies who contract people out for high-risk activities. The HCE standard is based on the HCC system for contractors. HCC stands for the Health, Safety and Environmental Checklist for Contractors. HCE-certified employment agencies are aware of the correct relationships in relation to working conditions, employment law and illness.

HCC certificate for temporary workers

PeBa Personnel Services offers qualified personnel the opportunity to certify themselves. This means there are now an increasing number of temporary workers who are in possession of a HCC certificate.


The HCE and NEN certificate and the GUTEA membership are beacons for solid partners within the context of safety and the Chain and Liability Act (CLA). You can rest assured your business will stay on track and achieve its goals responsibly when you decide to do business with us.