PeBa Personeelsdiensten deserves quality mark PayOK

PeBa Personeelsdiensten achieved on 30-04-2020 the PayOK. This label is granted to company’s which have proved that they reward their employee’s in accordance with the CLAs applicable in our country.

Quality mark PayOK was set up in response to the False Constructions Approach Act. In that law is established that clients and (main)contractors can be held liable for paying the right wages by subcontractors and employment agencies. If a subcontractor or an employment agency underpays the employee, then the client is liable for this action.

An entrepreneur who receives the PayOK quality mark has been carefully tested on the application of all existing Dutch collective labor agreements. PayOK is regarded as the strictest test in this area. Therefore, we are very proud that our company PeBa Personeelsdiensten has acquired the PayOK quality mark. Customers who engage our company are assured that the remuneration of all our employees is fine.

We would like to tell you more about our company and about our motives for having ourselves tested for this important quality mark. You can reach us on (024) 3573800 or you can send an email to

Would you like to know more about PayOK? Please contact the PayOK foundation, which grants and manages the quality mark (