Temporary workers

You can easily handle all the work this week. But what about next week? You may need to temporarily miss out on some colleagues as a result of illness or holidays. Or perhaps your company is one of those which experiences unavoidable temporary or seasonal peaks. PeBa Personnel Services will ensure you can quickly have access to motivated and experienced personnel. We continuously have experienced professionals ready to assist you, with Dutch and German, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech and Lithuanian nationality. You don’t need to commit to an exact number of hours beforehand, or to a specific period. It goes without saying you can leave all the administrative tasks to us. You will only pay for any actual hours worked.


Secondment is interesting for any company looking for the optimal combination of flexibility and certainty. You may sometimes need one or more extra employees for a longer period of time. Simply because the workload is too high for too long to cope with your own permanent staff. You obviously have the option of taking on new people at times like these. But where would you get good employees from at such short notice? And would you be absolutely sure you’d need these new people in the longer term too? You can take on good staff for a pre-agreed period of time via PeBa Personnel Services. The employees will sign a secondment contract, with PeBa Personnel Services acting as the legal employer and with the activities being carried out at the customer location. The agreement will be for whatever duration you indicate and will result in more loyalty for all parties involved.

Recruitment and selection

You have definitely come to the right place if you have a vacancy within your company, but you don’t have the time, the budget or the knowledge to effectively deal with this. PeBa Personnel Services is specialised in recruitment and selection as a result of its many years of experience. We will only charge our fee following a successful mediation. The rate applicable will be dependent on the level of the position and the gross salary. All recruitment activities via external media will be at our expense. Please do ask about the possibilities for your company without any obligation.