Times are changing

Life online is developing so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up. Yet it is important for companies to develop along with it as much as possible. For example, hour registration, at PeBa one of the most important aspects, because all of the employee’s earn their well-deserved money. With an hour registration on paper, there are more moments that the hour registration can go wrong. For example, the hour registration can get lost and it is more difficult to find a certain period of work can be found in the archive.

This are also the reasons why PeBa moves from a paper hour registration to an online hour registration. The online hour registration will provide a better view overall and it is easier for our employees at the office to implement them. There are also benefits for employees. Because an online hour registration is easier to fill in and it cost less time to deliver the hour registration at our company. In addition, it is much easier for employees to look back at the activities they performed, when and for which project they performed those activities.