Together we are strong

Since March 2020, the entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has severely affected many professional sectors, such as healthcare, catering, industry and aviation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic also has consequences for the temporary employment industry. Many flex workers have lost their job in the firsts few weeks of de pandemic. This led to a very busy period for the temporary employment industry, this also applies to PeBa Personeelsdiensten.

How is this handled

Also at PeBa flex workers lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. For an employment agency this is a major setback however, the flex workers, self-employed and the staff members have responded very well. Immediately, everyone sat down with each other and it was decided that the utmost should be achieved for every employee. For example, when somebody lost their job, they were immediately contacted and the following action was taken in consultation. That we got through this pandemic like this gives us a great feeling of pride. Every employee has done everything he/she could to bring this to a successful conclusion. We would like to thank everyone who has put their shoulder to the wheel, without helping each other this pandemic might have ended very differently.

We are very proud and we hope you are proud as well! Together we are strong, this is how we faced the pandemic and how we stay in it.